Network Editor : User Interface : Entity Manipulation Processing

Joining Entities

The process of using the applications user interface to build the Network diagram consists of selecting Entities from the Network Toolbar, placing them on the diagram and then connecting the Entities together.

Entities are covered in Drag Boxes that are only visible when an Entity has been selected. The drag boxes are the points on Entities that may be connected together. There are two entities involved in the connection transaction - the Connector - the Entity whose Drag box is being moved to initiate the connection and - the Connectee - the Entity whose is not selected and does not have its Drag Boxes moved during the process.

To make a connection between two entities proceed as follows:

Select an Entity (its Drag Boxes are then visible (green in this case)) such as:

Chose which Drag Box to connect and move the mouse cursor over it. The mouse cursor will change shape indicating that it is positioned correctly.

With the mouse cursor over the required Drag Box press the left mouse button and keep it held down. Drag the mouse cursor towards the Connectee until the mouse cursor is positioned over the Connectee. This will cause the Connectee to display the points on it that may be connected to by means of small crosses as shown here: .

Move the mouse cursor over one of the blue crosses and a selected square will appear over the cross indicating that it has been selected and will look like this (red in this case):

At this point release the mouse and the two will have been connected. Now if the Process is moved the Data Stream will move too as they are now joined. The result should look like this:

Moving Entities

To move 1 or more entities firstly select them. Place the mouse cursor over one of the selected Entities but not over their Drag Boxes, Text Reposition Boxes or Curved Line Boxes. The cursor will change shape to indicate that the Entities may be 'moved'. Then press the left mouse button down and keep it pressed and move the mouse to the required new position. As the cursor is moved an outline of the selected Entities is moved with the cursor. When the desired position is reached release the cursor and the Entites will be moved to the new position.