Network Editor : User Interface

The Keywood JSD Network Editor uses a single document interface. Only a single diagram is open within the application at any one time although it may be run more than once and thus more may be visible in this way. The interface tries to be as WYSIWYG as possible. The application consists of a window containing various areas. The majority of the application window is occupied by the Main Diagram Area as highlighted in green below:

This area contains either of the Network or SID diagram views. It is an infinitely large area that can be much larger than the size of the application Window. If the diagram is bigger then horizontal and vertical scrollbars will become active to enable scrolling to those portions of the diagram that are not viewable.

It uses toolbars that occupy the Toolbar Areas to provide quick and easy access to the most frequently required facilities.

The diagram specific toolbars operate as follows: To place an entity on the diagram select the appropriate toolbar icon and press the left mouse button once. Then move the mouse to the main diagram area and press the left mouse button again. The appropriate symbol will appear on the diagram where the mouse was pressed.

There is a Statusbar Area as shown below:

It contains a number of pieces of information which from left to right are :

The Menubar Area is shown below:

Details of each of the items on each of the Pulldown Menus can be found here.