The Jackson Workbench is an integrated suite of Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools that support the Jackson System Development (JSD) and Jackson Structured Programming (JSP) methods for designing computer software systems. The key components of the Jackson Workbench suite are as follows :-

The Keywood Workbench draws these components together in a powerful project-based environment. It is available in a number of different configurations comprising some or all of the components, in addition each of the components are available as stand-alone tools. The Workbench is intended to be a total solution for Jackson software development, and as such can be used for diverse roles such as :-

Note that a prerequisite for the use of these tools (and a full understanding of this help) is a familiarity with both the JSD and JSP methods, as explanations necessitate the use of terms defined by those methods.

Click here for more information on the way that these tools support the methods described above.

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