Jackson Workbench : The Workbench



The Keywood Workbench is the product that integrates the various components of the Jackson Workbench suite into a single highly-productive Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It offers the following advantages over the individual components :-

  • Project view encapsulating all files relating to a development unit
  • Definition of macro libraries for JSP-MACRO expansion
  • Definition of copy libraries for JSP-COBOL copy-books
  • Optional distributed network installation
  • Optional compiler link for automatic compilation of generated code
  • Reverse-engineered JSD network from project information
  • Additional support for JSP-COBOLl tool emulation
  • Ability to open multiple structure / network editors
  • A number of "wizards" for automating everyday tasks
  The facilities provided by the Keywood Workbench can be divided into seven main categories:

If you want a brief introduction to the facilities provided by the Keywood Workbench, see the quick tour.

Alternatively a list of commonly asked questions and answers is available here.


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