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This format was used by the JSP-Cobol application produced by Michael Jackson Systems Limited. It is formatted similarly to a COBOL file, but divided into a number of PRGM blocks, each of which has an OPERATIONS list, and a STRUCTURES section. There is also an overall header and optional MI (Module Implementation) and FI (File Implementation) sections. The STRUCTURES section describes the program structure using blocks that are opened by one of the following keywords, and closed by an END keyword (in addition conditional constructs have the condition text appended to the line).

Below is a an example of a JSP-Cobol format structure file :-

/* This program prints out a table of Fibonacci numbers. 
   These are defined by a series in which any element is
   the sum of the previous two elements. The program 
   stores the series in an array, and after calculating
   it, prints the numbers out as a table.
#include stdio.h

void main()
        1.fib[0] = 0;
            fib[1] = 1;
        2.i = 2;
        3.fib[i] = fib[i-1] + fib[i-2];
        4.i = 0;
        6.// Print each number and its Fibonacci product
            printf("%3d   %6d\n", i, fib[i]);
       $ML &C1  =
       i < 32
       Fibonacci                      SEQ
       Initialise                     SEQ
                                        DO 1
       Initialise                     END
       Calculate                      SEQ
                                        DO 2
       DETAILS-3                      ITR W (&C1)
       Iteration_1                    SEQ
                                        DO 3
                                        DO 5
       Iteration_1                    END
       DETAILS-3                      END
       Calculate                      END
       Display                        SEQ
                                        DO 4
       DETAILS-5                      ITR W (&C1)
       Iteration_2                    SEQ
                                        DO 6
                                        DO 5
       Iteration_2                    END
       DETAILS-5                      END
       Display                        END
       Fibonacci                      END