The Workbench : Projects

In common with well-known IDEs like Microsoft Visual Basic and Borland Delphi, the Keywood Workbench allows developers to organise their work into Projects, which are groups of related files plus supporting information.

You can create a new Project by clicking the New Project button on the toolbar or by selecting New Project from the File menu.

The Keywood Workbench supports a number of different Project Types. However your installation may be restricted in the number of Project Types that it allows. If you have a choice of more than one Project Type then a small dialogue box will appear asking you to choose one. Otherwise a project will be created of the type defined for your installation.

Project information is displayed in a tree structure on the left hand side of the Workbench display. It can be hidden using the Show Project checkbox on the toolbar.

The above image shows a JSP-COBOL project type, the elements in the tree are as follows :-